SIETAR France Made in France and Ailleurs Webinar « Intercultural ethics. Dealing with cultural dilemmas in practice », with Arjan Verdooren


18 h 00 min - 19 h 30 min

Intercultural interactions can lead to ethical dilemmas, when people face behaviours, ideas or values that strongly contradict what they believe to be right. At the same time, ethics is possibly one of the least undervalued aspects of the intercultural field. This leaves intercultural learners in a difficult position, where the only options seem either an aggressive opposition to other beliefs or habits, or a passive acceptance or tolerance. In this session, we will take up this difficult and sensitive topic, and explore the ethical dimensions of interculturality. We will not get stuck in theoretical discussion, but focus on the practical implications of different approaches and on strategies for finding effective and morally satisfying solutions to difficult situations in multicultural environments.

This session builds on ideas described in the book ‘Diversity Competence, Cultures Don’t Meet, People Do’ (Edwin Hoffman and Arjan Verdooren, 2018), which devotes a specific session on intercultural ethics.

Arjan Verdooren is a lecturer, consultant and author in the fields of Intercultural Communication and Diversity and Inclusion. He has lectured at several universities including the University of Gothenburg and the HTW University in Berlin and is a long-time associate of the Royal Tropical Institute, a knowledge center in Amsterdam. He regularly delivers training sessions and (keynote) lectures for organizations in the private and public sector. He is the co-author (with Edwin Hoffman) of ‘Diversity Competence, Cultures Don’t Meet People Do’ that describes an interaction and communication focused approach to ‘intercultural’ communication.

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