SIETAR FRANCE Made in France et Ailleurs Webinar « The Insight of Neuroscience in Bias Management », with Mai Nguyen


12 h 00 min - 13 h 30 min

In the last decade, bias management has become the essence of organizational learning, so much so that it is a regular requirement of performance management in many multinationals. Outside the office, biases also exert a significant impact on every aspect of our social and private life. In this webinar, Dr. Mai Nguyen will use the insights of neuroscience to help us tackle some of the most basic questions in bias management. Why do humans have biases? Are they all that bad? What happens in our brain when we are biased? And how can we optimize the upside of biases and minimize their downside?

Dr. Mai Nguyen is known for working as a bridge between cross-cultural communication and the field of neuroscience. She has a long career at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences as an Associate Professor in Leadership and Change. Following her study at King’s College London in a Master program on Applied Neuroscience, in 2020, she published her latest book, Cross-Cultural Management with Insights from Brain Science (Routledge).

As a consultant, she specialises in organisational neuroscience, bringing contribution of brain science to further understanding and successful practises of leadership, diversity, change, bias management and well-being. Her regular 3-day summer course in July is hosted by Groningen University.  She can be part of your network at

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