SIETAR FRANCE Webapero « Introduction to Positive Influence » avec Teresa Mroczek, facilité par Grazia Ghellini


18 h 00 min - 19 h 30 min

SIETAR FRANCE Webapero « Introduction to Positive Influence » avec Teresa Mroczek, facilité par Grazia Ghellini

Introduction to Positive Influence presents the Positive Power and Influence® Program, the leader in influence programs. It has been successfully applied in cultures all over the world for more than 50 years. It will give you the opportunity to explore your personal influencing skills and how to use them.

Every day requires us to accomplish objectives: organizational and personal. To succeed in these tasks, we need the constant help of others. We need to use influencing skills positively – to keep an overall balance between getting things done and taking care of relationships. This is not always easy. There may be internal or external blocks, and we may use our influencing skills in a negative way. We may tend to abandon our tasks in fear of damaging relationships, or force to complete them ignoring the importance of relationships.

The most effective influencers use their positional power only in appropriate situations. They most often use personal power, and the key is flexibility in using different positive influence approaches.

IPI and PPI® are based on research, experience and a deep understanding of what brings results in all aspects of life: at work, at home and in society. They are based on Situational Influence Model® that can be applied interculturally.

In collaboration with the Strategic Soft Skill Institute.

Teresa Mroczek

Trainer, coach and consultant specializing in positive influence and cultural competence. She works worldwide in English, Spanish, French and Polish, conducting programs in a concise and simple way, constructively challenging and emphasizing the importance of experiential learning. She keeps sessions varied and interesting by encouraging attendees to active participation to deepen their knowledge and increase their effectiveness and involving them in sharing their valuable experiences.

Certified coach of the Positive Power and Influence® Program. Certified diversophy® Ambassador for Cultural Competence. Founder and director of Synergyefficient.

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