Webinaire”Made in France et ailleurs”: Beyond Abstract Idealizations: A Deep Learning Approach to Intercultural Education with Joseph Shaules


18 h 00 min - 19 h 30 min

The goals of intercultural education and training are often defined in terms of abstract ideals—e.g. intercultural competence, critical consciousness, cultural intelligence—that are hard to relate to everyday experience, and largely unrelated to our understanding of how the mind actually works. Research in cognitive psychology and cultural neuroscience, for example, shows us how cultural patterns shape cognition, emotion and identity in profound ways. Research in cognitive psychology shows us that unconscious cognitive processes are shaped by cultural patterns.

This presentation will argue for a deep learning approach to intercultural education—one that is grounded in an empirical understanding of culture and mind. Instead of being given abstract ideals, learners gain insight into 1) their own mental and emotional processes, and 2) learn how to better manage the challenges and rewards of foreign experiences. This approach avoids vague ideals (global mindset) and allows educators to give straightforward definitions of many key concepts (e.g. culture; cultural difference). A learning model (The Developmental Model of Linguaculture Learning–DMLL) will be presented that is grounded in these ideas. Examples of how this can be applied in different contexts—including sample materials—will be shared.

Joseph Shaules (PhD) is an author and educator in the field of language and intercultural education. He is the Director of the Japan Intercultural Institute and is a Specially Appointed Professor at the GIC Center, Keio University, Tokyo. He is the host the Deep Culture Podcast. Books include: Language, Culture and the Embodied Mind (Springer); The Intercultural Mind (Intercultural Press), and Deep Culture (Multilingual Matters).

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