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octobre 27 @ 18 h 00 min 19 h 30 min

Identity as a preliminary prototype with Bjorn Ekelund

In cross-cultural icebreaking, there is often a question of “where do  you come from?”, a question that strengthens the backward-looking self-identity formulation. But, as adults, we learn from cross-cultural interactions, we learn from models that reframe ourselves and we learn in our own reflective process of becoming a better version of ourselves. In this interactive webinar, we will explore what kind of learning has given you the most in relation to your personal growth?

Bjorn Z. Ekelund received his degree as a psychologist in 1984 in Oslo, earned an MBA in 1997 remotely from Henley Management College, London and a PhD in 2007 in Global management and Research Methods from the University of Agder. Bjorn is from Larvik in Norway, but will work anywhere as long as he can live where he was brought up. Bjorn has been doing research and consulting in the field of cross-cultural interaction since 1995. He started his consulting company, Human Factors AS, in 1993,

His best-known concept, the Diversity Icebreaker, was developed in connection with research and consulting in his company from 1995 onwards and is applied in more than 75 countries. He is the author of several books and dozens of articles as well as an International speakers on cross-cultural diversity. Bjorn’s latest publication “Unleashing the Power of Diversity: How to Open Minds for Good” Routledge, 2019, presents the Diversity Icebreaker and its application in relation to grand wicked problems. You can discover more at

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