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décembre 15 @ 18 h 00 min 19 h 30 min

Virtual Teams Across Cultures: From Research to Application” with Theresa Sigillito Hollema joining from the Netherlands

The reality is that many people working across cultures are also working virtually – the two topics are generally intertwined. This webinar puts the spotlight on the people who lead and work across cultures and rarely meet with their colleagues because they are in a different country.  This does not mean hybrid working in the local office, but the increasingly common teams who communicate and collaborate remotely to support global strategic ambitions.  

Although not an academic herself, Theresa Hollema follows the latest research and wonders what it means for organizations and interculturalists as we learn more about biases, social justice and global identity. During the interactive webinar, Theresa will present the key factors from her book Virtual Teams Across Cultures and expand with current research. For instance, how to build trust, what is global identity, and what causes psychological distance.

To participate, please sign up here:–ppjstE9WmnL2Atk3iWoiJJMPtmVSa 

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