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Made in France et ailleurs

Identity as a preliminary prototype with Bjorn Ekelund In cross-cultural icebreaking, there is often a question of “where do  you come from?”, a question that strengthens the backward-looking self-identity formulation. But, as adults, we learn from cross-cultural interactions, we learn from models that reframe ourselves and we learn in our own reflective process of becoming […]

Made in France et ailleurs

Alien X-Perience : Le design d’une expérience au service de l’apprentissage interculturel, animé par Bernd Gibson Une expérience d’apprentissage (learning experience) est un événement ou une activité qui implique l’apprenant d’une façon personnelle et émotionnelle. Elle se distingue d’un apprentissage plus classique par son impact et son ancrage émotionnel. Concevoir une série d’expériences riches et personnalisées […]


Made in France et ailleurs

“Virtual Teams Across Cultures: From Research to Application” with Theresa Sigillito Hollema joining from the Netherlands The reality is that many people working across cultures are also working virtually - the two topics are generally intertwined. This webinar puts the spotlight on the people who lead and work across cultures and rarely meet with their colleagues because they are in a […]