Made in France et Ailleurs Webinar : « Did COVID, AI and Geopolitics Kill Global People Skills and Networks? » with Gabor Holch


18 h 00 min - 19 h 30 min

Countless senior managers, executives and entrepreneurs around the world make effort to “get back to normal” after the disruptions of the COVID19 pandemic. But as we shall discuss in this online presentation & discussion, that “normal” will not return. 20+ year China resident intercultural leadership coach Gabor Holch will enlist reasons why business, from major multinationals to startups, must discover new ways to connect with opportunity, funding and talent across continents and cultures, how technology shortened distances but added previously unknown challenges to cross-cultural communication and collaboration, and how political interference adds to the difficulties of the global mindsets that we need more than ever. Gabor will present cautionary and exemplary stories from his executive coaching experience and help participants reflect on their own examples.

Gabor Holch is an intercultural leadership consultant, coach, author and speaker who has served 100+ clients in 30+ countries. An expat since age 4, China-based since 2002 and working globally, Gabor is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) in English and Mandarin, certified consultant at the management academies of half a dozen global corporations and licensed in major assessment tools including DISC, the Predictive Index, NeuroColor and MBTI. His latest book, Dragon Suit: The golden age of expatriate executives in China, was published in summer 2023.

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