Migrations, Education, Business and Society


10 h 00 min

SIETAR France is pleased to invite you to participate in the opening session of the 3rd Week of Intercultural Engagement organised by ICIE (IESEG Center for Intercultural Engagement). The theme of this year’s week is: Migrations, Education, Business and Society.

 Whether cross-border or internal, migration is a permanent feature of economic growth and societal change –intertwined with human rights, sustainable development, and geopolitics. Changes in global migration patterns over the past decades have had important implications for theactivities and decision-making processes of firms. Yet despite its undeniable impact on management, migration is not actively taught at business schools. This talk will make the case for integrating migration issues into management education. To do so, we will go beyond migration headlines, dispelling some common misconceptions, and looking at the facts that shape the contemporary context in which firms (and business schools that educate future practitioners) operate.

 The presentation is based on evidence from the interdisciplinary literature and supported by the first-hand insights from the Advisory Board members –leading scholars, seasoned practitioners, and policy and human rights experts –of the international Migration, Business & Society (MBS)network.

Milda Žilinskaitėis a Senior Scientist and Center Manager at the Competence Center for Sustainability Transformation and Responsibility (STaR), Vienna University of Economics and Business. She received her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from the University of California, SanDiego in 2014. Her research and teaching interests span the areas of social sustainability and the SDGs, labor migration, business ethics, and cross-cultural management. 

Finally, she is grateful to have a personal history of low-status jobs as a migrant and for continuous opportunities to challenge herself out of her comfort zone. These experiences in particular have been an inspiration behind co-founding the Migration, Business & Society global network initiative.

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