SIETAR France Ch’ti Apéro


18 h 30 min - 20 h 00 min

Hôtel Moxy

Dear Fellow Sietarians and Friends of SIETAR,

On behalf of SIETAR France, we trust you are doing well.  We are pleased to announce to you our last themed SIETAR France Ch’ti Apéro for 2023.

Sylvia O’Higgins and Matthew Kinney will lead us in an open discussion on different holiday customs & traditions (the good, the bad, and the often misunderstood).

If possible, we ask you to bring with you an acquired object or simply an anecdote/story that symbolizes a specific holiday tradition to you or to someone/somewhere you’ve visited to share with the group (and if not, no big deal –  remember two ‘Irish’ persons are leading an open discussion in a bar – we’ll provide plenty of anecdotes).

We look forward to seeing many of you next week.


Sylvia and Matt