SIETAR FRANCE Made in France and Ailleurs Webinar « The Interaction Compass and other ideas » with Peter Franklin


18 h 00 min - 19 h 30 min

Popular approaches and books designed to foster intercultural learning and competence development often simply reuse and re-clothe insights from the long history of research and practice in culture-comparative studies, intercultural communication and management. Where these existing insights have stood the test of time, that is natural and beneficial. But ‘new’ approaches, whether in publications or training, often seem not to question the received wisdom in the light of societal and organisational developments and don’t add anything especially new. This is potentially damaging to the success of professional practice. Using cases and ideas (not only!) from their recent book Global Fitness for Global People: How to Manage and Leverage Cultural Diversity at Work by Helen Spencer-Oatey, Peter Franklin and Domna Lazidou, this event aims to provoke discussion and thought amongst those intercultural professionals wanting to push the field ahead.

Raised in the U.K., educated at the University of Cambridge but resident all his working life in Germany, Professor Peter Franklin teaches intercultural communication and intercultural management at HTWG Konstanz University of Applied Sciences, Germany. There he works on the B.A. in Asian Studies and Management and the M.A. in International Management Asia – Europe.

At his university’s Lake Constance Graduate School, he teaches on the M.B.A. in General Management. For many years he also contributed to the School’s E.M.B.A. in Leadership and Integrity Management delivered mainly in China for executives of Daimler Greater China and its associated companies. He also teaches occasionally at other business schools in China, Germany and Switzerland.

In addition to his university work, in a career spanning many years Peter Franklin has coached, trained and addressed hundreds of people in more than 90 companies and organisations working internationally. He helps them to understand, handle and leverage cultural diversity and complexity. His focus is on individuals, teams and organisations involved in complex interactions of many kinds – for example, handling change, post-merger integration, expatriate assignments, HQ-subsidiary relationships, virtual teams and Anglo-German cooperation. Peter has coached countless international managers using The International Profiler psychometric development tool. He is also co-founder of GlobalPeople Consulting Ltd.

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