Web-apéro: Teaching the host country’s language as a volunteer to migrants and refugees: sharing difficulties and successful practices


18 h 00 min - 19 h 30 min

INTERACTIVE WEB-APERO IN ENGLISH facilitated by Grazia Ghellini: “Teaching the host country’s language as a volunteer to migrants and refugees: sharing difficulties and successful practices”, with Liesbeth Helwig and Paola Motta (SIETAR Italia)

This web-apéro is addressed not only to SIETAR members worldwide but also to anyone already volunteering as non-certified, non-professional teachers of  the host country’s language to foreign learners (refugees or migrants), people without experience wishing to start working in this field as a volunteer, trainers of trainers and managers in charge of schools providing non-certified, volunteer-based local language training to newcomers. Liesbeth Helwig and Paola Motta will share their experience of holding a successful four steps interactive workshop addressed to volunteers acting as non-professional teachers of Italian to foreign learners (mainly refugees and migrants)

During this web-apéro the speakers will share with the participants how the two editions of this workshop were set up and conducted effectively live and online, in 2019 and in 2021 respectively. They will elaborate on the main relevant issues which can arise when teaching a second language to adult learners with a poor literacy level. They will also share which are the critical issues in the psychological relationship with the learners and the attitudes and behaviors that have proven to be effective for them. To finish, they will invite the web-apéro participants to exchange points of view on cultural diversity issues that may emerge between teachers and learners and between learners within groups of students with mixed cultural backgrounds and elaborate on how these can be managed.

Liesbeth Helwig worked In the Netherlands as an educational designer at the Dutch Open University (distance education).  She later worked as an educational designer for a Milan-based consultancy agency, and as a project manager in European projects. She also worked as an educational designer in vocational training and e-learning projects, as a course coordinator and tutor in vocational training for adults – for immigrants amongst others.

Her teaching experience comprises equal opportunities, cultural diversity, intercultural communication, English as a foreign language and  job search advice and support. Liesbeth has a University degree in Educational Science (Leiden, the Netherlands), is Co-founder of Forma-re-te soc. coop. in Turin. She was a member initially of SIETAR Europa (2010, 2011), then SIETAR Italy.

Paola Motta has been a member of SIETAR Italia since 2008, and was a member of SIETAR Italia board and Vice President of her association for six years. She has been working  as  a researcher and organizational consultant for many public and private companies in Italy and abroad ( Algeria, Croatia, Rumania) and has a long  training  experience in Change management, people management, leadership development, diversiy management,  intercultural communication, and training the trainers.


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