Webapéro: Avec Bjørn Z. Ekelund


18 h 00 min - 20 h 00 min

Explore the Diversity Icebreaker Premium !

In this webapéro Bjørn Z. Ekelund will share a story of how Human Factors AS have been delivering concepts for organizational training, moving into a paradigm shift for co-creation of meaning and solutions and now also delivering an individual Diversity Icebreaker Premium application for self-managed individual learning. Participants will be given an opportunity during this session to try and explore the Diversity Icebreaker Premium for individuals (https://diversityicebreaker.com/material/premium-2). In the last part we will debate how this concept through reflexivity can empower individual self-understanding and social learning.

Bjørn Zakarias Ekelund


“Consultant of the year 2008” (Norway)

 Norwegian business consultant. Psychologist (1983), Univ. of Oslo, Norway, MBA (1997), Henley Management College, London, UK. Studies in International Management (2006/7), University of Agder, Norway. He has been leading consultant organisations since 1987, at the same time doing extensive consultative work focused on interpersonal interaction, team analysis, innovation and cross-cultural challenges. Since 1993 he has been the principal owner and managing director of Human Factors AS in Norway. From 2015 he is the chairman of the board and senior consultant in the same company. He has in all years worked close with the academic and professional institutions in order to leverage the quality of his own consultancy and increase the practical relevance of academic knowledge. In his consultation business, he has used numerous academic measurements/concepts and in that way created a shared platform for academics and practitioners to create knowledge. He is most known for creating the Diversity Icebreaker – a concept that combines assessment of cognitive styles with an experiential learning seminar. Besides running his own companies, he has been lecturing at management schools in organisational psychology and international management. He has been leading professional bodies in organisational psychology in Scandinavia and as a consequence he has built an extensive network among consultants in these countries. He has published articles, books and presented his work and views on the field in different international conferences; worked with cross-cultural issues since early 90-ies and certified more than 700 consultants in the use of different psychological tests applied in analysis and development. He has been member of multiple professional and academic organizations in psychology and management. Among his clients he is known as a dedicated professional, with a passion for academic knowledge applied in an innovative way in organizations, at all times working from the perspectives of employees and customers.

From powerful organizations to empowered individuals. 

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