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18 h 00 min - 19 h 30 min

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With Rosanne Essiambre, facilitated by Grazia Ghellini and Mithun Mridha

 As professionals we all have a lot going on in our lives between work, family, relationships, our health, fun / enjoyment, and more, and all of this impacts how we show up to do our intercultural work.  Wondering how you can:

  • Be better seen and heard in the organization?
  • Show up better?
  • Increase your leadership ability?

Want to:

  • Understand the mindset you’re in when lacking confidence, feeling self-doubt, angry, or frustrated, and what other five alternative mindsets you could choose instead?
  • Raise your consciousness?
  • Increase your self-mastery?
  • Gather in community, learn about the below, and reflect on how you could be an even more effective leader for yourself, your clients, and your organization.
  • Energy Leadership
  • How the above relates to your level of consciousness
  • The two types of energy, how each feels, and why this matters for how you respond to a situation
  • The seven energy levels and what a professional looks like in each level
  • Average Resonating Level and why this matters
  • How you can dive deeper and practice Energy Leadership”

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