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18 h 00 min - 19 h 30 min

With Rosanne Essiambre, facilitated by Grazia Ghellini and Mithun Mridha

 As professionals we all have a lot going on in our lives between work, family, relationships, our health, fun / enjoyment, and more, and all of this impacts how we show up to do our intercultural work.  Wondering how you can:

  • Be better seen and heard in the organization?
  • Show up better?
  • Increase your leadership ability?

Want to:

  • Understand the mindset you’re in when lacking confidence, feeling self-doubt, angry, or frustrated, and what other five alternative mindsets you could choose instead?
  • Raise your consciousness?
  • Increase your self-mastery?

Gather in community, learn about the below, and reflect on how you could be an even more effective leader for yourself, your clients, and your organization:

  • Energy Leadership
  • How the above relates to your level of consciousness
  • The two types of energy, how each feels, and why this matters for how you respond to a situation
  • The seven energy levels and what a professional looks like in each level
  • Average Resonating Level and why this matters
  • How you can dive deeper and practice Energy Leadership

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Rosanne Essiambre helps change agents and leaders be seen, be heard, and be effective in bringing about change, whether it’s in the organization and/or in their personal lives   She helps you be seen and heard as you intend, see new perspectives, achieve buy-in, move past fear, feel more confident, get unstuck, identify and resolve energy drains, and improve your effectiveness. She is passionate about continuous improvement whether it be in an organization or in one’s own personal development. Rosanne is a Speaker, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, Change Agent Coach, Six Sigma Black Belt & Continuous Improvement Consultant, and the Founder of Sustainable Solutions Coaching & Consulting.  She has 20 years experience working on a variety of transformations across a diverse set of industries both domestically and internationally while continuously improving herself along the way.